Learning beyond four walls at St Soldier’s school Chandigarh

The school faculty focuses on boosting students’ confidence and teaching them the importance of staying grounded
A good school is one that not only focuses on the academic growth of its students but also provides a good platform for them to shine in co-curricular activities. I am fortunate enough to be studying in one such institution, St Soldier’s School, Sector 16, Panchkula.

I have come a long way from being a self conscious and shy girl to being someone who has recently won the all-rounder trophy. The school faculty focuses on boosting students’ confidence and teaching them the importance of staying grounded.

Talented in dance and oration, I continued to hone my skills and showcase my talent as the school provided various participation opportunities.

There is a wide array of activities that one can choose from such as yoga, skating, dance, taekwondo, field games and indoor games. A student can join any club that he wishes to be a part of. These clubs include eco-club, science club, reading club and computer club.

The school also organises various camps, at one such camp, I took up basketball and fell in love with the sport. I never considered sports as my forte but now it is an integral part of my life. The continuous encouragement from the coach helped me recognise my talent.

Not only sports, but in academics as well, our teachers give us individual attention and help us discover ourselves. They concentrate on each individual’s growth and push them to go beyond their limits.

St Soldier’s infrastructure provides an environment that fosters excellence. The school even introduced Smart classes to provide students with an enhanced learning experience. For extra reading and references, our school has a well kept library.

For our all round development, the school places practical knowledge on an equal footing as theoretical knowledge. The computer and science labs which are built keeping in tune with modern times, provide students with an ideal training ground to experiment and put their classroom learning into practice.

The school has two big playgrounds and a basketball court. We are offered training in cricket, soccer, basketball and hockey.
St Soldier’s School, where the mind is without fear, provides a suitable platform to a student like myself. Various opportunities provided to me at the school are the driving force behind shaping my personality.

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